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GingerSec was formed from the premise that there is a need for training in the security industry.

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About GingerSec

GingerSec is focused on preparing public safety with the tools to investigate cyber-related crimes as well as preparing public safety to leverage technology to further investigations.  

The founder of GingerSec is a retired police officer that did career change and transitioned into cybersecurity. This transition was a difficult one because there is no paved path for individuals looking into this type of career transition. GingerSec training was developed to assist with that, meeting the professional or individual where they are, and give them the tools to perform in the industry. 

After working in the cybersecurity industry for a few years it has become apparent that there is little in the way of consulting for the small organizations or individuals. GingerSec wants to fill that gap by providing consulting to individuals and small organizations on how to better protect themselves through GingerSec’s education sessions.


According to (ISC)2

  “Awareness of the cybersecurity skills shortage has been growing worldwide. Nevertheless, that workforce gap continues to grow, putting organizations at risk. Despite increases in tech spending, this imbalance between supply and demand of skilled professionals continues to leave companies vulnerable. It’s no surprise that research shows the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is now the #1 job concern among those who already work in the field.”  

“How large is the gap today? According to (ISC)2 research, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is close to three million globally. APAC is experiencing the highest shortage, at around 2.15 million, in part thanks to its growing economies and new cybersecurity and data privacy legislation being enacted throughout the region.”